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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 13th - 19th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Afm, feeling better and remembered that I hadnt shared my wonderful, stressful, tinge of disappointing news with you all. The air force is sending my DH's entire unit home 2 months early! For the first time in the history of the Air Force (not really but first time I have ever heard of it) they shortened a deployment by 2+ months! No specifics but he will be back well before the birth. So now all our well laid out plans are once again in pieces, thank you Air Force. Just cancelled my doula today (she was so nice and gave me back my deposit- must send her a gift anyway). If I have no placenta problems I am going back to AL with DH. We havent discussed the high-risk placenta plan yet so thats stressful to think about - too many unknowns. I am very happy dh will be home sooner, but I am sad for my mom who was so honored to be my coach. Also sad that I wont be with my ob or hospital here in Illinois because I like it 20x better than my AL plan. And super irritated that I just finished unpacking here in IL. I keep repeating to myself, "we chose this way of life." Still, I hate the Air Force this week..
ugh.. I totally understand and I'm sorry It's been happening a lot around here with people coming home early and our friend who leaves in February is only supposed to do a 4month tour instead of a regular 6month one. I guess they're shutting down a lot of operations.

anyways... I would not be pleased about the hospital change and repacking, etc either. That sounds so frustrating. DH keeps saying that if he gets tasked for this or deployment (both taskings are apparantly in April) that he's sending me to Texas to birth around family. Just the thought of not being in this hospital that I love makes me sad. I mean, yeah.. there are elements that would be easier, but when you get a plan set in your mind, your plan is set in your mind. Change that you didn't ask for is hard.

I hope that as things settle down, it all starts feeling better quickly. If it wasn't for the fact that traveling with a newborn doesn't sound like fun, I'd tell you to stay in IL and go about your plan anyways

on the plus side: yay for hubbies on American soil!
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