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Re: Breast-like bottle reviews

I had the opposite issue in a sense- I needed to find a breast-like bottle to get baby back ONTO the breast due to a NICU stay. I credit the Breastflow bottles for teaching my son how to latch correctly. Between switching to the Breastflow and stopping a medication, DS2 was EBF within 2-3 weeks. It was amazing. It's been 2 months and he's doing great. I gave him a bottle last night because he was inconsolable it seemed and I was out of ideas and he had no idea what to do with it lol. He managed to get an ounce or so before I took it away and I was able to get him to nurse. It was really cute lol.

Tommee Tippee worked okay for us as well. I have a couple Calma's and I tested them for Medela when they were still in the concept phase but I just can't make them work. The nipple part is just too long and too stiff. DS1 (who never nursed) and DS2 both gagged on it and refused it. So if anyone wants 2 calma nipples let me know lol

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