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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

I was the opposite. I was pro-vax, planning to get all of them on time. Then my DD had a terrible rxn to her 2 mth vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine now, but I am anti-one-size-fits-all schedule. I think it is fine for most people, but those of us who do not follow it are not evil either. I am doing what is best and safest for my child (now children).

We did a lot of research (mostly print articles that I no longer have access to), weighed the risks and benefits of each vaccine as well as the risks of each disease and came up with our own schedule (with the input of our children's pediatrician, with whom we have a great rapport). It is slow, and careful. It skips the vaccines that we consider unnecessary and the ones that are the likely culprits of DD's rxn. Some are delayed, others given on time. It was the right choice for our kids.
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