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Re: Induction methods need some positive stories

I was induced with DD, and it was the best birth out of all three of mine. I was just over 40 weeks, and maybe 3 cm(?) and partially effaced. AROM at 8 am. They gave me a tiny dose of pit a couple of hours later to keep things moving. I had an epi when I was about 7 or 8 cm, which only took on one side. She was born at 1:55pm after only a few pushes.

I had a csection with my second after a failed external version, and a vbac with my third after my water broke on its own at 41 weeks. The vbac was pretty intense, but I think that's mostly because he was huge.

Sorry for rambling a bit, but honestly, I feel that my body was ready enough and just needed a little kickstart. I hope that all goes well for you if you decide to induce.
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