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Re: Help! How did you get your child to sleep thru the night?!!

Honestly, DS STTN for the last 3 nights for the 1st time EVER. We had to night wean and then ONLY DH could go into his room when he woke up. DH would shush him, rub his back, give him a sippy of cold water and stand there until he fell back asleep. He had to do this about 2-3 times a night for about 2 months. Typically, DS would go back to sleep within 5-10mins or less. I also had to change our night diapers to Pampers Baby Dry as they seem to do the best with keeping him feeling dry. If he feels wet at all, he wakes up. He is pretty much weaned now and I think that is why he is STTN, finally. He also will now take his naps in his crib without me holding and nursing him the whole time. I think he became so dependent on me and "the boob" as my DH puts it so eloquently, that we had to teach him he didn't need it or me to sleep.
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