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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 13th - 19th

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
Yes, it would be 3.5 hours each way for each prenatal. We started doing that at the beginning, and I had to wait 2 hours for one of my appointments (apparently it's not uncommon to have to wait up to 3 hours). So, with the 7 hours of driving plus 2 hour wait time, that's 9 hours to see the OB for probably all of 20 minutes.
that's unreal. and totally ridiculous.
Is that just to see an OB/MW at all? Or to get one that works with insurance?

Originally Posted by andrea020611 View Post
Good luck with the potty training! I keep thinking we should start with Anna, then I get lazy and it doesn't happen. Sounds like a good mat leave project for me once we're settled in with the new baby
Could be, but I'd wait and see how she feels when baby comes. Sometimes kids are great and it's no big deal, but sometimes it's a big change and trying to add something else to the mix (like potty training) just doesn't work out at all, just adds more stress.

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
So how old are all the pt babes.

Peyton is 17 months should I try or just wait. Her brothers did not until closer to 3 but is it worth a shot or am I setting myself up for failure?
Levi's 2.5. This is the earliest we've ever started with any of the kids - though, if he continues, he'll be the easiest one we've had... so more likely than not we'll start around the same time with Hiccup!

I wouldn't start that early unless she was showing interest. But that's just me. I know a mama in church who had her DD fully potty trained at 18 months. I have no clue how, but she did.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Unless she's REALLY ready Id wait.

While some kids are earlier, most I know haven't really "clicked" til closer to 3

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
in other news.. there isn't really any other news for me. We fly to Texas for about 2 weeks tomorrow morning, so just working on laundry and packing and all the fun stuff that goes along with that.

it's now possible that DH will miss the birth.. but not putting too much energy into thinking about it right now because well, there's no point unless the military finalizes it. We'll see.
Good luck with the travelling and flying!
that your DH won't have to be gone for the birth

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
I feel huge too. Actually, his movements make me feel a little sea sick sometimes.
Yeah, sometimes Hiccup can really bounce away in there!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
but honestly, it's weird, I'll feel the kick and I'll feel a sharp tinge in my lady bits at the same time. Maybe it's normal for a breech baby.
Yes, with a breech baby you'll feel most of the movements down low.

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I have been trying to do belly mapping (maybe its too early?), but I feel kicks and moves and bulges _all_over_ with this one.

Afm, feeling better and remembered that I hadnt shared my wonderful, stressful, tinge of disappointing news with you all.
I thought for sure Hiccup was transverse some and head up some a couple weeks ago, but now I'm thinking he's gone transverse and breech. I'm not going to worry about it, because I've tried to move babies in the past and not had any luck - they tend to do whatever they're going to do and that's it! But I'll still be hoping he'll get head down and telling him to do that!

for DH being home early! That's gotta be great news!
Does he have to be in AL when he's home? Is there any way he could come to IL and you could all stay there until after baby comes?

AFM: Levi did awesome today! He's really doing much better than we even hoped for - which is a nice change for us and potty training!
We had to put him in a diaper for the morning (driving and church), but we told him he could still just wait and go potty - we took him a few times at church, then at lunch, and while at a store, and he stayed pretty much dry the whole morning! (it was like one of those dribble - oh wait, i'm supposed to hold it! kwim?) Then he stayed dry in undies at DH's parents house for the rest of the day. He did have one poop accident - but again, we're not stressing about that right now. We'll work on that next week, lol.
We did get him some pull-ups now ("special underwear" for sleeping and in the van ) so we can put away the diapers totally and not have to have him in one even for nights - I think that can be confusing for them, although he was doing really well in spite of needing to use them these few days.
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