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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
hey you're in Idaho! me too!

anyways.. I dunno. Last time, DH deployed when DD was 8 weeks, so that was pretty dang effective birth control

I suspect I might look into the minipill, but then you said that wasn't an option for you. Are you opposed to things like diaphrams? Do they sell those anymore? Am I old? Not that I ever had one, just that I have seen that episode of Seinfeld

I know a lady who got some thing stuck in her arm. And then there's the depo shot type things. I can't handle a lot of hormones - I used the patch for awhile and the concentration of hormones made me literally sick to my stomach. But if you can handle that stuff...

I was actually fitted for a diaphragm after my first lo but never got it, after I found out you had to leave it in for hours. I might look into it again, though.

I will probably go on the combo pill or patch after I wean, but while nursing, I couldn't do anything hormonal.
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