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Re: January 2013 Chat Thread

i know you probably don't want to at all, but he might be really craving tons of one on one attention. when my dd is at her most out of control, making me crazy and doing things she knows is wrong at every turn i know its when she needs some mommy time. obviously i don't reward her with attention at the time she is misbehaving but those days i know cleaning or laundry or whatever it is can wait while i give her attention she is craving, otherwiswise she will continue to get into trouble to get that attention. any attention is good when a kiddo is feeling starved of it.

hugs! i think it won't last forever. also about the sleeping together stuff...i realized tonight that my dfs might be WANTING dd to be in the room. i just gave up waiting for him to fall asleep before putting dd in the room and he stopped his singing and shrieking and went right to sleep after she was in there! they are really bonding well i think. well, about half the time they want to steal toys and beat each other up and the other half they are playing catch and rolling a car back and forth and following each other lol
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