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Lounge clothes for you, going home clothes for you and baby, toothpaste & toothbrush, deodorant, soap/shower goodies (I brought nice ones and was so glad I did - after a 26-hour long labor and a 24 postpartum wait to shower, I was ridiculously excited to get clean). Brush & hair ties, Chapstick, sugar-free candy to suck on, books or iPad for labor and camera and cell phones plus chargers. I think that was about it...I won't pack much makeup or primping stuff b/c I didn't use it the last time. I really just didn't feel well and didn't care how I looked. I don't see it being different this time.

Wait - I also will bring Soothies the next time. Technically, lactation offered them but they were oddly stingy with them and they were expensive through the hospital. I will bring my own next time. I just use the hospital sposies in the baby and don't worry about cloth until I get home.

Re: your older kiddos, I have no idea. I didn't know some hospitals offered family suites. That sounds really nice.

I hope you can find an OB that will work with you and that you can have a positive experience with. I also hope that your delivery goes well and that your LO is healthy. Best wishes!!

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