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Make sure to pack a separate bag from DH. We took one bag and he took home all of my stuff after the baby was born. I really wanted some clean pjs and had to wait for him to come back.

My own pillow. What a difference.

Birkenstocks or flip flops/slides and socks. You might be doing a lot of walking. Who wants bare feet at a hospital?

Nursing bra, if you're going to bf.

After baby loungewear/pjs that you don't care too much about.

Going home clothes for you. I brought my mat. clothes and they just fit horribly. A rubber band around a flabby belly. I would have rather had sweats or other elastic waisted pAnts.

A couple of changes of clothes for baby but not a lot but bring something warmer than you think you'll need. The hospital will swaddle and provide hat.

They also provide disposables. It's only a couple days. Do you really want to deal with nb poo dipes in your room without a way to clean them, but maybe that's me.

Maybe earplugs? I found it really hard to rest afterwards. Hospitals are noisy.

I found most aspects of the hospital stay better than expected.

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