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Re: s/o Why do you want your kids to have CP

Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post
When adults (who had CP as kids) are around kids with chicken pox they get a sort of natural "booster shot" which helps keep them from getting shingles. People who typically got shingles were much older, with weaker immune systems who hadn't been exposed to CP for a long time. Shingles are on the rise because adults aren't exposed to chicken pox anymore.

Interesting though-- in the past children RARELY ever got shingles. Now, with the chicken pox vaccine, kids are getting shingles. While the CP vaccine may save kids from CP, it's creating other side effects that may be worse.
I was told Shingles comes on when some one is around some one with CP am I wrong?

I will say all my friends mostly got Shingles before the vaccine was heavily in use, I mean it has only been around for 20 years and not all of that time was it required. I am really curious about the numbers.
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