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Re: Baby only on one side?

Originally Posted by AniMommy View Post
Baby 1 (once in place) by about 30ish weeks stayed in left side whole time. She really loved to stretch out and jam her feet up into my right ribs. That felt great!
I would expect to feel kicks and stretching on the opposite side of where baby is positioned, but this guy doesn't kick, jab or stretch AT ALL on my right side. He is ONLY on the left side. It is almost like he CAN NOT get to the right side. I can feel him twist and turn, his head grinds into my hip (OUCH). He doesn't even put his feet in my ribs. I have NO IDEA where he is keeping his limbs!! I feel jabs between my pelvic bone and hip, but ONLY on the left side. I also feel stretching going around my waist towards my back, but again only on the left side.

I know PPs have mention placenta placement, which is something that I have considered, but what about a cord issue? Either VERY short or wrapped around his body so much that he simply can't get stretched out? Would an u/s be able to show if there was that sort of problem? I am not a HUGE worrier generally, however, this lack of ANY movement on one whole side just seems odd.
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