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Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(

Here's the update, this will be Day 3 of Elecare and some good, some bad so far. The first day he hardly spit up at all and I thought this was it! But yesterday was just awful again with the spitup (although it smells much better than Nutramigen spitup to me). His bloody rash is gone, probably for two reasons, one is I'm treating aggressively for yeast, and two because he's constipated from the quick switch so hasn't pooed yet He's in a lot of pain from being constipated so I don't know if I should wait it out, or put something in the bottle now? I've never really had a constipated kiddo (unless some of them eat gluten), our house usually has the opposite problem. The good so far is that it seems to satisfy him so much more than the other formulas, with those he was wanting to eat every 2-2.5 hrs, I really had to hold him off until 2.5. The other day he woke up after 3.5 hrs, and didn't seem all that hungry, just happy to chat and play, which has never happened. It seems like a lot of posts/reviews said they saw changes in their baby immediately, maybe for some it takes longer? Thanks!
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