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Re: Induction methods need some positive stories

Induction 1: Used cytotec to ripen my cervix, 2 doses over 24hours that generated mild ctx. Then I started active labor on my own. After 18hours they gave pit to help me along and I got an epidural. 5 hours later I had a baby. It was long, not what I planned, but one of the most miraculous experiences of my life

Induction 2: Used cytotec to ripen my cervix over 6 hours. Pitocin then started to get me into active labor. Baby was delivered 12 hours later. Shorter than first induction, longer time spent on Pit, another miraculous experience

Induction 3: I was already 80% effaced and 2cm so we went straight to pit. Induction started at 4am and baby delivered at 11am. Fast a furious! It was hard and amazing

I'm hoping to get to do it a 4th time!
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