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Re: Anyone want to share their diaper stashes?

Originally Posted by Ainmemphis View Post
Sounds pretty practical to me! I tried to stay cheap on diapers it was just the wool that did me in, but I only had like 4 pairs of nb sized pants so having some wool longies is kind of needed right? At least that's what I tell myself
Wool was my down fall too... But I use the I have no pants excuse too! Except it's summer here so maybe it's not the best excuse. Haha. But I wasn't trying to go cheap. I just didn't mean to spend thaaaaaaaaaat much.

So I have:
6 rainshine designs aios
4 ragababe aios
6 alvababy aios
4 random pul covers
12 nb pfs from zabi baby
12 extended tab pfs from starlight expressions/ megaroos
waaaaaaaay to much wool (sbish, twee, wcw, and a few knitted by me) and then because of all the wool, I just had to get fitteds....

18 fitteds (6 nb and sm gmd workhorses, 6 orange diaper co fitted)

I'll try to come back and add a pic later
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