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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 13th - 19th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Hey all - missed you last week

we tried to PT DD at 22months - she seemed REALLY interested.. but alas it didn't go well. I am not sorry that I gave her the chance though. I am glad that I had the wisdom to let it go when it was evident that it wasn't happening instead of continuing to frustrate myself and her.

So, I've got an update to my nursery poop diaper story So glad I didn't overreact or anything, because it's really quite understandable. When we took DD in to the nursery today, I told the nice ladies that if she needed a diaper change, which I didn't expect her to, that they didn't need to dump anything, just put it in this bag. Normal stuff. The lady said 'oh, last week, we took all the 2-3 yr olds to the potty and she insisted on sitting on it, but I didn't have her diaper bag, so I just dumped it and had to put her diaper back on'. So, much more understandable. End of service and we got there before she had a chance to fix it in the classroom

in other news.. there isn't really any other news for me. We fly to Texas for about 2 weeks tomorrow morning, so just working on laundry and packing and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. Nothing to report except normal pregnancy things - uncomfortable, hard to breathe, can barely pick up my 2yo anymore

went to a baby shower last night and was gone 5 hours. Have been thinking really hard and I do believe the last time I had 5 hours to myself was before I had DD. It was really refreshing. Really have to work on doing that a little more often. And I don't even mind taking the newbie because they're so portable for the first little bit.

it's now possible that DH will miss the birth.. but not putting too much energy into thinking about it right now because well, there's no point unless the military finalizes it. We'll see.

Hope everyone is doing very well
Have a great time in Texas! Glad they explained the diaper thing, that makes a lot more sense And hooray for time away alone!!!

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post

Afm:church.....long day bc i was there for 2 services, watched kiddos in 1yo room and that is just alot for me. Then lunch with the in laws as usual. I did leave ds5 with dad today.....hoping he will convince dad to join us.

Im uber tired these last few days. Guess im going thru a tired phase:/
You are a brave Mama!

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Even after they finalize it, dont count on it. I am sure you know that, but I will explain my bitterness in a second...

I feel like this baby is all over the place. I have been trying to do belly mapping (maybe its too early?), but I feel kicks and moves and bulges _all_over_ with this one. The fact that I have ocassionally felt like baby kicked my cervix makes me really hopeful my placenta isnt covering it.

Afm, feeling better and remembered that I hadnt shared my wonderful, stressful, tinge of disappointing news with you all. The air force is sending my DH's entire unit home 2 months early! For the first time in the history of the Air Force (not really but first time I have ever heard of it) they shortened a deployment by 2+ months! No specifics but he will be back well before the birth. So now all our well laid out plans are once again in pieces, thank you Air Force. Just cancelled my doula today (she was so nice and gave me back my deposit- must send her a gift anyway). If I have no placenta problems I am going back to AL with DH. We havent discussed the high-risk placenta plan yet so thats stressful to think about - too many unknowns. I am very happy dh will be home sooner, but I am sad for my mom who was so honored to be my coach. Also sad that I wont be with my ob or hospital here in Illinois because I like it 20x better than my AL plan. And super irritated that I just finished unpacking here in IL. I keep repeating to myself, "we chose this way of life." Still, I hate the Air Force this week..
I'm sorry your plans are getting all mixed up I'm sure thats getting stressful.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I thought for sure Hiccup was transverse some and head up some a couple weeks ago, but now I'm thinking he's gone transverse and breech. I'm not going to worry about it, because I've tried to move babies in the past and not had any luck - they tend to do whatever they're going to do and that's it! But I'll still be hoping he'll get head down and telling him to do that!

AFM: Levi did awesome today! He's really doing much better than we even hoped for - which is a nice change for us and potty training!
We had to put him in a diaper for the morning (driving and church), but we told him he could still just wait and go potty - we took him a few times at church, then at lunch, and while at a store, and he stayed pretty much dry the whole morning! (it was like one of those dribble - oh wait, i'm supposed to hold it! kwim?) Then he stayed dry in undies at DH's parents house for the rest of the day. He did have one poop accident - but again, we're not stressing about that right now. We'll work on that next week, lol.
We did get him some pull-ups now ("special underwear" for sleeping and in the van ) so we can put away the diapers totally and not have to have him in one even for nights - I think that can be confusing for them, although he was doing really well in spite of needing to use them these few days.
Hooray for pottying!!!

My midwife said that a lot of babies turn around 30 weeks because thats when their head starts weighing a lot more? Mine is definitely still breech too and stays on my right side, my placenta is anterior. With DS I was told I had a partial bi-corniate uterus so I wonder if thats why she's sticking to one side right now. I don't remember with DS if he was mostly just on one side.
Nothing too exciting happening here this week. DH is going to the Pork Congress this week, so it'll be a bit challenging balancing the kids while he's gone, and DSD is not doing as many visits with her mom as usual so she's struggling. Next weekend my parents asked to take the kids so I'm excited for time alone with DH! Some of the last time before baby is born
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