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Re: Just curious..

oldest dd nursed till she turned 2yrs. we gently weaned the week of her bday due to misinformation that her nursing was causing my miscarriages.
ds1 is 3.5yrs and still nursing...along with ds2 who is 2yrs...and dd2 who is 5mo. The boys both nurse 2-3 times a day as a norm. it does make me chuckle sometimes to wonder what my former self would think. i never considered anything but bfing, but certainly didn't consider bfing an older child, though i never had a cut-off in mind. we've gone with letting them decide when they're ready to wean. my oldest ds is very attached to his milkies and i suspect he'll keep going as long as we allow. i keep thinking that maybe 4yrs will be my cut-off with him, but then i realize that's mostly due to outside influence. in reality, we'll play it by ear. i figure that i probably have another 2-3 years of nursing ahead of me before everyone is weaned.

as far as pumping, with dd1 i hung up the horns at 18mo. with both boys i stopped pumping when the next pregnancy made my supply drop to the point that pumping was unnecessary.
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