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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 13th - 19th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
My midwife said that a lot of babies turn around 30 weeks because thats when their head starts weighing a lot more? Mine is definitely still breech too and stays on my right side, my placenta is anterior. With DS I was told I had a partial bi-corniate uterus so I wonder if thats why she's sticking to one side right now. I don't remember with DS if he was mostly just on one side.
Nothing too exciting happening here this week. DH is going to the Pork Congress this week, so it'll be a bit challenging balancing the kids while he's gone, and DSD is not doing as many visits with her mom as usual so she's struggling. Next weekend my parents asked to take the kids so I'm excited for time alone with DH! Some of the last time before baby is born
Interesting about the heavy head and turning. My kids, except Isaac (he was my c-sec baby), were all head down by 26-28 weeks... which, yes, kinda makes me worry about Hiccup's positioning in there! When I feel, though, I still think he's transverse/head down on left... but I really have no idea.

Have a great alone time with DH!

AFM: 6 months today! 3rd trimester!!!
That does mean only 3 months left though... and that's kinda

Levi's doing awesome with pottying - we put him in a pullup last night and he woke this morning to tell me he was stinky. He wasn't, though, only a teeny bit wet, and he went right on the potty and had a big pee!
We just gotta catch him and get him pooping on the toilet - but I'll take peeing and staying dry for the time being! Still means I can get diapering things all washed up and put away!

DH's family will be arriving this weekend/early next week!!! I'm so excited to see them! Gotta get the house all cleaned and tidied through the week, get the spare room ready for BIL - totally worth it.

Today is grocery day, though I came online just to check banking stuff... then snuck over here to check Really gotta go get ready!
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