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Excited for today's challenge! I've had my closet on my to-do list for weeks....

Hard to take pics of my closet. Here are before pics. Between the move, not being able to find our hangers, and storing all outgrown/baby clothes for this little one that is baking, it is kind of insane.

And after. I still have too many shoes, but we have a lot of work functions/vacation and I hate having to buy stuff again. Purged 3 pair of shoes that aren't in good enough shape to donate. Also found some clean laundry hubby had hidden in there that I am about to put away. Office supplies made their way to the office. Baby clothes organized by size and stored in separate totes. Clothes I can't wear, but probably can shortly after the baby is born also stored in a tote. Almost a full tub to donate, filled with queen sheets (we have a king now), clothes I cleared from the boys' room last week. And a shirt of mine.

Edited: once I did hubby's closet, I 1) found a lot of my clothes, and 2) realized his closet is so empty it should hold the baby stuff, lol. Updated pics:

Hubby's work clothes and shoes

Hubby's sweaters, dry cleaning, and baby totes up top

My skirts/pants/dresses and purses/bags on higher bar, dressier shoes (tops on lower bar)

Dirty laundry, hats, casual shoes, transition clothes and a few other items up top

Donation pile from our closets
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