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Re: Do you clean your teen's room?

I definitely would not clean for him, but I do think it is reasonable to have some baseline expectations. For example, having clothes strewn about your room so badly that I cannot walk without stepping on them is inexcusable. If you don't get your clothes in the hamper, they should at least be in a pile at the foot of your bed or I was always bad to pile them on my desk chair (still am...) No dirty dishes or food should be left in the room. Basic things like that.

My mom always told me that she was more than happy to wash my clothes with the family laundry, but she wasn't going to go looking for them. If they made it to the hamper, fine. If not then it was up to me to wash them. And she never put my clothes up for me.

Also, periodically I would be asked to dust, vacuum, etc... as a part of the general upkeep for the whole house. There is another natural consequence...if my room was already neat then it took less than 30 minutes to do my "chores." If it was dirty I had to clean it up before I was able to dust, vacuum, etc...
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