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Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post

Well if you are back here in AL and you do not like your Dr. I HIGHLY reccomend my Dr. He is actually closer to you then me. You can just shoot up 65. Seriously, I researched and researched to find him. Another momma from b'ham suggested him and I had a wonderful VBA2C and have had a great exp with him so far. He also has office hrs much closer to you as well. Oh and the hospital I delivered at was AMAZING. I have had 3 babies at 3 different hospitals and 3 different states and the one in AL was the best--go figure.

If you need any help with your move back let me know I can see what I can do.

Sorry it is stressful and hope it all works out wonderfully.
Thank you! I remember you talking about your doc in the AL thread. What hospitals does he deliver at? That doc is covered by my insurance but I couldnt tell what hospital it was.

My OB in AL wasnt bad... I just felt like he was awkward. And scripted- like at my mom's old job she was taught to use certain phrases like "do you have any questions for me? I have the time." So then on their post-treatment survey they'd give a positive mark for "nurse had plenty of time to talk with you". That was this guy. Very scripted and buzz wordy... Petty, I know but I am gonna be naked in front of this dude! I dont want to feel awkward!
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