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Re: Dark brown spotting and tinged discharge

Originally Posted by daisy0306 View Post
Like someone said, if it's a miscarriage they can't do anything anyways.

If it is a miscarriage wouldn't it be getting heavier and turning red with cramping by now?
I honestly don't think there is anything they CAN actually do to stop it if it is a m/c. Then again, I am no expert. Maybe someone else can chime in if I am incorrect about that.

As far as if it would be getting worse, that just depends on your body. Some women find out their babies have died, but it takes weeks for the actual m/c to start. Not everyone miscarries immediately. And not every bleed means a miscarriage.

If you are having the beginnings of a miscarriage, you would do well to understand what they will want to do IF you go to the hospital to get treatment. They will likely want to do a D & C procedure on you.

Here is a good article.

I think you should consider how you would like this to be treated if it IS a miscarriage. If you would prefer to let nature take its course, than there really is no reason to go be seen.

Again, I would personally tell you not to worry. While m/c DO happen, you are more likely NOT to suffer a m/c than you are to have one - esp if you are healthy, young, and have no history of abnormalities. In the event that you are having the first signs of a m/c, there is nothing they can do to stop the m/c, only a surgical procedure they can do to manage/treat it.

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