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Originally Posted by daisy0306
Well my Dr office told me to go to emerg but I really just think I will skip it. Our emergency is horrible and I will end up sitting there for 5-6 hours before I am even seen.

I was very active this week, snapping diapers, walking 4.5km every day and then DTD around day 2. Like someone said, if it's a miscarriage they can't do anything anyways.

If it is a miscarriage wouldn't it be getting heavier and turning red with cramping by now?
Not necesariky. With my first m/c I had brown spotting, went in for an ultrasound which confirmed there was no baby, then didn't strart actually bleeding for another 2 weeks. Not to scare you, but if a miscarriage is going to happen it doesn't always happen right after you see brown. With my second miscarriage, I had brown spotting but didn't ever miscarry naturally. After 4 weeks I had a d&c.

Like other posters have said though, it is most likely nothing to worry about!
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