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Glucose tolerance test tomorrow. Suggestions?

My GTT is tomorrow at 8:30 am
Last pregnancy (09) I ate a king sized snickers since I'm not able to tolerate high fructose corn syrup and the glucol drink made me sooooooo sick with my first GTT in 2007.

I'm being told I need to eat 47 Jelly Belly beans or drink the sugar drink. I'm not allowed to eat the snickers this time. Complicating things, I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and this is why I can't consume HFCS or large amounts of sugar at one time. Makes me very sick, vomit, shaking etc

Am I supposed to fast? I can't imagine going 15 hours with no food, having to ingest a ton of sugar that my body isn't used to, having 7 vials drawn and NOT fainting. I was planning to get up at 7, make scrambled eggs, eat them at 8,drop off my girls at school and be at the OB at 8:30 exactly.

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