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Re: Glucose tolerance test tomorrow. Suggestions?

Originally Posted by xtin View Post
They told me to fast, yes.
I'm overweight but have low blood sugar since losing 160 pounds with gastric bypass. My other 2 daughters were 6lbs 2oz and 6lbs even, born at 39+ weeks. No other risk factors, I eat a low sugar, high protein diet and exercise regularly.

If I decline, I'm treated as "high risk" with non stress tests weekly and injecting insulin.

NOT calling you a liar, but could you have misunderstood that bolded part??

How could they possibly inject insulin if they don't know if you need it? That could be so very bad for you.... That makes no sense. Insulin can be dangerous for someone who typically already has LOW blood suagrs. Not to mention, anyone who doesn't NEED it. .... that's just such a bad idea.

I hate to ask this, but could they be stereotyping and treating you based on what they presume your diet looks like b/c of your weight? (you know, the old idea that all overweight people gorge on crap food all day...)

Also, did you ask for an alternative to the test?

For example, myself and many other mamas do at home testing using a glucometer instead of doing the GTT. It seems to be a happy in-between for most doctors. You get to eat your regular diet, keep a food journal, and take fasting and after meal sugars for a few days. This gives them a good idea of what your body is doing. Would your doc be willing to do it this way??

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