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Re: When did your DD start wearing a bra?

Originally Posted by aaiya View Post
Ahhh puberty. I was in 6th grade when I finally got a training bra. My sister, who was in the same class as me (5th/6th grade split) was kind enough to tell EVERYONE the first day I wore it to school. Leading up to it, my mom kept asking me if I wanted one. I always said NO! But then my younger brother and sister would tease me relentlessly about needing one...and I was too shy to tell my mom I'd changed my mind. My mom also kept wanting to measure me so she could get the "right" size. How embarrassing. My plan for my DD (who is only 2 right now) is to not be as weird as my mom was about all of it...but barring that (like, if she takes after me in the shy/embarrassed realm) I'll just go buy her a bunch of sizes, tell her to try them on and let me know which ones to take back to the store.
I showed my daughter a diagram online of how to measure herself and sent her into the bathroom to do it in front of the mirror so she could make sure the measuring tape was even and smooth. When we went shopping for actual bras, I told her everything I could think of as to how it would be if it fit properly.
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