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Re: When to start...

Originally Posted by Faithsa View Post
yes, it a cue. I just read the "Oh Crap Potty training Guide" and 18 mos is not unheard of. It can sometimes take a bit longer at that age for it to completely 'click' but totally doable. I'd say nakkie for the first couple days, watch for cues. I have two kids 22 mos apart and I'm just now pt'ing my 3 yr old. It's been too crazy. I'd suggest if you can, do it now. After baby comes, it gets crazy with an infant and a toddler and it will be a while before you can have the time to devote your attention to her to help her learn her own cues mean get to the potty.
^This. I read the book, too. Don't wait, get it done now while you only have one to care for. DS2 was capable of going potty at 18 months but I didn't have any guidance except for what I remembered from training DS1 and I gave up because I was preggers, tired, and felt frustrated. Just before 24 months I decided to go for it and it's been great. Still has accidents here and there because he's busy playing, but it's so much better than having to clean up a toddler sized poop in a diaper- bleh!
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