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Re: Glucose tolerance test tomorrow. Suggestions?

I failed my 1hr GTT with my previous 3 pregnancies. With those pregnancies, I ate as I normally would but I fasted for 12hrs before the test. I did go on to pass the 3hr tests, but it was awful.. it made me miserably sick every time. So naturally this time around I was convinced I was going to fail the 1hr and have to do the awful 3hr. However, I just got a call from my midwife today and she was happy to tell me that I PASSED it this time around. I was SO SURE I was going to fail... but I "prepared" a little better this time and apparently it paid off. The two things I did differently... I loaded up on carbs a few days prior to my test... this helps your body produce the insulin needed to handle the glucose loaded beverage, which I love referring to as "the poison." haha. I also ate a small breakfast (scrambled eggs, 2pcs of bacon, a slice of toast with peanut butter) 1hr before I drank "the poison." I absolutely believe the combination of the carb loading and the small breakfast beforehand is what helped me pass this time so I'd definitely suggest NOT fasting.

FWIW... my midwife told me NOT to fast this time around, which is why I didn't.
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