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Re: January 2013 Chat Thread

i am freaking out pretty much. we officially got asked to take the twins when they are born. we need 2 new cribs and a car seat, i really want to get 2 new ones because the one we have doesn't fit well in our van and the passenger seat will have to be pushed way up. well whatever if thats the worst of our worries i will be happy! i am praying like crazy these babies are born healthy. i've been rearranging our schedule a little to condense things so my dh will be available to help drop off dd at her activities and school and things and the SW seems like she will be very accommodating for visits so if they are born healthy and strong we have a chance of making it through without me losing my mind. what a blessing my dfs has turned out to be. he continues to make progress with his weird behaviors, he is talking like CRAZY so learning that he doesnt need to scream all the time. him and my dd are such great pals. we just went out of town to visit with his family for our christmas celebration and they went crazy for J, welcomed him with open arms and omg the presents...we need to downsize the toys considerably lol! i am feeling frazzled but having so much fun with him and really praying for the health of these babies because i don't want to take on more than we can handle. that would be the worse.

eta forgot to mention the housing situation. we were putting our feelers out about potentially renting out our house and renting or buying a bigger house or finishing some rooms and a bathroom into our attic. my dh needs someplace to sleep, its too noisy with 2 kids, a dog, a cat and a clutzy wife lol! but now with the twins due so soon we are looking at moving up the timetable of this decision. met with a realtor last friday and we are still trying to decide what makes the most sense for us balancing out our long and short term needs. yikes!
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