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Re: When to go to the doctor for a cough

Originally Posted by mkrisel View Post
Took them in. I was more worried about the baby, but turns out the 3 year old needs treatment. She has a double ear infection. And both have a cold virus. At this point, we just have to keep an eye on the baby's breathing. And I probably wouldn't have taken the 3 year old in at this point if I wasn't taking the baby in. My "mommy instinct" was way off on this one, but she's been acting normal so I wasn't concerned.
Yeah that kind of what happened with 2 year ds. I kept saying its a cold just wait it out, but it didn't get any better. Finally said enough and he had infection in one ear with the beginnings of one in the other. He ended up needing 2 rounds of antibiotics. The beginning ear went into full infection while on the first antibiotic. Doc said they have been seeing a lot of bacterial ear infections this year and a lot of the kids have needed 2 rounds of antibiotics. This is the first time ds has been on any antibiotic. The first amoxicillian went well, the second augmentin had to be forced down him. he goes back in 2 weeks for another recheck so I hope we are done. he never pulled on ears or anything. It really appeared just to be a cold.

Glad you got it figured out. Just watch for symptoms after the antibiotic in case she has the same infection that is going around here.
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