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Re: Help! How did you get your child to sleep thru the night?!!

My older three sleep thru the night (5 yo, 3.5 yo, and 20 month old) and the baby (8 weeks) co sleeps and nurses one time per night and one diaper change, then right back to bed. I think good sleep habits are learned. sure some kids are more apt to sleep than others but they all have to learn sleep habits and how to self soothe. It helps to have a good routine during the day and consistent actions at night (instead of trying a million things to get them to sleep). But that said, we dont do long term co sleeping or breast feeding. I have found that my kids do much better either in their own bed or in their own room plus night weaned as soon as they can go thru the night with no nursing....usually 6 to 8 months old.
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