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Re: Frustrated 9 month old - Advise Please

awww. I remember this stage. It's hard on both mommy and baby! OP.

I do think to some degree you will just have to baby-proof what you can, let him explore, redirect him from dangerous things, and keep an ear out all other times.

The other part of it though is that when you CAN'T do that, he will have to learn to sit and be content in the playpen or in his exersaucer. But that will take longer to learn than a few days.

It's just a tough stage for everyone.

Personally, I never baby-proofed. Our house is tiny and only one story. I could always hear just where they were, and if I couldn't hear them, I would find them immediately to see what was up. The kitchen is smack dab in the center of our house - you can't get to any other part of the house without passing it or going through it - so from the kitchen I could always see/hear where the kids were. Dangerous chemicals stay in the kitchen. If a kid goes in the kitchen, my mommy sense tingles and I pay close attention and I scold starting around 8 mos for opening cupboards. They learn right away not to open any cupboards and since I can hear if they do, it's never an issue.

As far as pulling up on the TV, it's a similar story. I scold them starting around 8 mos for touching it. They learn fast not to do it, and move on to better things.

Bathroom doors MUST stay closed at all times when we have a baby 18 ms or less in the house. All doors that lead outside stay locked all the time. And baby gates are used to contain, rather than a play pen. So, for example, I'll put the crawler in the room with the older kids and gate it off. My 6 y/o is very responsible (and I think she thinks she's a mom, actually LOL) and I can just shout "what is the baby doing?" and she gives me a status report.

I know I'm not the typical DS AP mommy. That is ok. But I will say this method works really excellently for this stage. It gives a bit more breathing room for both mommy and baby.

I also never had any serious mouthers, though. And I have hardwood floors, and my kids have a limited amount of toys, so all of that helps, too.....
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