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Re: Oh Lord, it's like razor blades!!! Help!

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
I had thrush that wouldn't go away until I used Monistat 1 on it. I did it over night so baby wouldn't get it, and it fixes it overnight.

So sorry you're dealing with this.
I wondered about this too. I was told this years ago when a friend of mine had thrush. Need to reinvestigate!

Originally Posted by marleysmom1207 View Post
This sounds exactly like what we've been going through! The pain is terrible. My doctor recommended OTC antifungals (clotrimazole or monostat). After each feeding I do a vinegar rinse, blow dry, and apply antifungal to my nipples. I'm not sure if it's getting better or not. Sounds like the gentian violet is working for you. Maybe i should try that next. I'm not even convinced I'm dealing with thrush in the first place. I feel your pain. Literally
I am in the same boat still! It has been a month. If I don't nurse her for a long period it feels great but after nursing her 2 times on that side it is on fire again. It is getting old. The Nystatin obviously isn't strong enough. I am just thankful that she still is showing NO signs of thrush. Which of course makes me wonder if it is thrush. Baby shows no signs and I only have pain in 1 nipple. UGH!

Originally Posted by AtLeast View Post
I hear ya, not convinced either, until I tried the gv. I started having some pain again last night, though. It's far more bearable. It really stinks though. I did the one day Diflucan, wondering if I need to just ask for a more aggressive treatment of it.
What do you think you will ask for to treat? Hope for relief for all of us soon!!!
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