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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

Originally Posted by poohbear1208 View Post
This is a great thread. I'm very pro vax, all 4 of my kids are totally vaxed on schedule, ranging from age 10 months on up to 10 years, but I'm finding myself being swayed by the anti vax movement for baby #5 on the way. All of the aluminum/ mercury stuff out there is scary. So it's good to see stories re people that have flipped from anti vax to pro vax. Makes me feel like maybe I did do the right thing with my other children, and I should just continue on the course??? Sorry I have nothing new to provide, I just find this a very informative thread
There's no longer mercury in the overwhelming majority of vaccines, and where it still is, it's in very trace amounts. Here is a great chart! It's also important to remind yourself who you trust more, the vast, overwhelming majority of scientists and every medical organization in the western world, or people on the internet.
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