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I agree with all the recs. Def. contact LLL. How old is your LO and how is your milk supply? If the latch is iffy, he probably isn't getting enough and your supply will decrease. Watch for signs that he isn't taking in enough, like not enough wet/poopy diapers. This happened to me, and I ended up having to supplement until my supply got back up. I had already breastfed 2 kids successfully with a great supply, thought I was an expert, LOL. Every baby is different and this is not your fault, you're doing your best, some babies just have a hard time learning to latch.

I ended up pumping for 10 months and giving her bottles. Not ideal, but better than formula. I kept on trying at the breast, and she would nurse some, but just never got the latch right to do so exclusively. Most babies do catch on, but don't beat yourself up if you end up deciding you can't take it anymore. You'll know when you've tried enough.

IMPORTANT! Rent an electric dual pump, preferably a Medela Symphony. They work the best and are the most efficient. I poked along with a manual pump for a couple of weeks, and that's why my supply took a dive. Manuals are fine for occasional expressing after supply is well-established, but you need an electric if your supply is in jeopardy and/or if baby isn't getting enough.
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