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My first two sons weaned at 12 and 14 months, both times I was pregnant with another baby so my milk supply dropped and that moved it along. With my daughter, she is my last baby and I have no intent to wean her until she wants to do it. Now, some of my friends I feel are slaves to breastfeeding, nursing on demand to a 4 yo...while I have no prob nursing a child up to that age I would be putting some limits on it. That is the only thing that I am strict about, I try not to nurse to sleep, so that my Dh can put her to bed easier, I offer her a cup during the day. As of now (shes 13 mo) she nurses in the early morning upon waking, and then after each meal, and sometimes a little before bed. I too will miss it if she weans, but imo babies won't self wean unless you help them along with it. I offer her a cup, but if she wants to nurse I don't turn her down. My sons were more active, loved cows milk and were pretty easy to wean, but dd doesn't love cows milk like they do, (unless its chocolate or in a big brothers' cup that she finds somewhere). There are days now that I want to wean, lol. She drives me crazy with pinching and her nursing gymnastics! But I am not ready to let go of my last baby.
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