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Re: Ds in 9% weight ...what now?

Originally Posted by 3girlsallnaughty View Post
I looked today and calorie for calorie they are the same...he also has lactose sensitivity.
I wouldn't worry yet either. there is so much more to consider than just the numbers. Your childhood weight and height(I was underweight as well), Daddy's childhood weight and height (my husband was average weight but is 6'2") and activity level are a few. if he is healthy and developing fine no biggie. If he's crawling I really wouldn't worry about it. My daughter is also dairy intolerant. Undiagniosed until 1 which caused a ton of problems, including some significant gross motor delays. But they were obvious to anyone who was paying attention- her doc kept blowing me off and I kept doubting myself. It only slightly effected her weight though. Our stats- 5lbs 10oz at 36W5D. She was 25% for weight 50th for height. She stayed at 25th and 50th awhile then she dropped to 10th and 25th. Then to 3rd and 25th, then off for weight around 18 months and 10th for height. By 24 months she was back 3 and 10. That is where she still is today. Her doc is not concerned because its true to her growth, but anytime she is seen by another doc they question her weight and we have to go through her history. I don't remember what she was at 9 months, but at 1 she was 18lbs. She had been at 19lbs for a while. She went to 20 in 2 weeks after her dairy diagnosis and switching to an alternative milk. She stayed at 20 for some time. She tends to stay at the same weight for long periods. She has been the same weight now for close to 2 years, but has gotten taller.
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