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Re: Negative blood types

There is actually a blood test that can determine fetal blood type during pregnancy. It is very minimally invasive, they use a sample of maternal blood from your arm. One of it's purposes is to identify possible Rh- factor in the fetus of expectant mothers who would like to avoid an immunization if it isn't necessary. There are a few different labs who offer the test and I think it varies by location, but it may be something worth looking into. It's called Fetal Rhd Genotyping. Here is more info on it.

With that said... I have gotten the shot at 28 weeks with all 5 of my previous pregnancies, anytime I experience significant bleeding during pregnancy, and then again when they're born if they are Rh+. (3 out of the 5.) I did have the fetal Rhd done with this baby and she is Rh+ so I had the RhoGam injection at 30wks (late appt) and will have it again after she is born.
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