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Re: emotibums

Approximate date of purchase: almost a year ago, but I bought them early, my daughter was born in Sept.

Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Here on diaperswappers.

What did you buy: two fleece wraps size 1 doubles.

How was the customer service: It was great! These were customs and she made sure that I was getting just what I wanted!

Review of the product: They are well made, cozy soft, and fit well without being too bulky (though of course they are more bulky than a PUL cover). When I had to use the fold down rise they were not the first cover I grabbed for since the fold-over made them a bit bulky, but they still worked perfectly. Once I was able to leave the rise unsnapped (which was pretty early as my daughter has some chubby thighs!) I loved them! She is almost four months now and 15 pounds, with plenty of room in the waist to grow. The rise still fits really well, I'm sure these will fit until 20 pounds as advertised.

Any additional comments: Can't beat the cuteness of the face on the bum - my mom likes to say she's a "happy butt" when she's wearing her emotibums wraps :)

Would you do business with them again? yep, I hope to be able to order the large size wrap when these are getting outgrown!
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