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Re: I have stinky milk :(

This is a new thing for her and my milk. I can't think of anything that's changed. The first time I thought it was just because I left the bottle attached to the pump in the fridge so maybe it got some odors from the fridge. But that's the only time I did that.

I smelled the bottle this morning that they think smelled funny, and I guess it smells a little funny, but then again I don't make a habit of smelling my milk after I pump.

The milk in question has been refrigerated only, never frozen, and is smelling the day after pumping. Maybe I should put it on the bottom shelf so it stays cooler than on the top shelf by the light?

She doesn't protest when nursing, just with the bottle at DC occasionally. It took a good week before she would even take the bottle there when we started. Sunday night I had heated up a bottle so DH could feed her while I cleaned the kitchen. She refused it from him, but 20 minutes later took it from me, which I thought was strange, and then nursed afterward.
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