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At first I thought I would want to wean at 2 years, but now I'm planning to let DD lead the way

Originally Posted by MommyTephanie View Post
I weaned my daughter at 1 yr- she was a great nurser but I slowly dropped a feeding every few weeks and replaced it with a sippy if she needed. I personally could not keep nursing much past that- I would not want a child much older than that to still nurse as then they're able to demand it and I wouldn't be comfortable anymore. I see it as its for babies- any older than 1 year and they should be on table food and whole milk. Those are the recommendations, right?

I have no problem when others nurse longer but I do think that by 2 it is then simply an emotional attachment. It's good to be attached, obviously, but I replaced that attachment with more cuddles and snuggles. My son is now 9 mos so we will see how it goes with #2.
No. The WHO recommendation is at least two years and as long after as you and baby wish. The AAP recommendation is at least one year and as long after as you wish. Neither recommend a cut off age as your post implies. And your information about breast milk being "simply an emotional attachment" is false as well. There continue to be many many health benefits to nursing well into the toddler years.
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