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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

I never write on this thread but DS did something funny yesterday in an attempt to get out of school (which it actually worked so maybe it was a good idea). I had given him a bit of a break in the middle of math (bad choice but that is mommy's fault.. well actually I got a call that I needed to take, you know how it is). I told him to come back to finish the lesson and he didn't like that idea. So being the 4 year old that he is, he decided to throw his plastic stool to show his frustration. Well this time God smiled on me and the stool bounced back at him and hit him square in the nose! So with a bloody nose and all he came to me screaming. He is fine and the nose isn't broken but I think he learned that he shouldn't throw things inside the house. We have had a big problem with this in the past and I think with this one tantrum we might have solved it!

Oh and to the mamas that say they are behind. I don't even want to admit how far behind I am. I started at the beginning of September and we are only on lesson 40 (on Thursday as we can't do anything tomorrow ) we were off for about 2 months recently though. I am hoping to do a 5 day school day next week but because he is 4 he may not want that. We will see.
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