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Tell me Im being paranoid

I had my newbie in late September. My husband had his vasectomy the second week of October...he actually drops off his specimen to get checked tomorrow. We had sex as soon as we possibly could after his procedure, but we used condoms. We've been fairly active but we've used protection. Every single time. And yet I'm feeling like I may be pregnant. Sore boobs, SUPER tired...couldn't get out of bed yesterday or today...kinda vaguely nauseous all the time, upset stomach. That kinda of thing. That's what prompted me to test LAST time. And then to top it off I read a study...can't remember where...that 87% of women are most fertile in the 3 months after having a baby. Sounds ridiculous to me, but it seemed to be backed up by science. Like I said I lost the link for the study otherwise I'd link it up. Please someone tell me I'm being paranoid and reading too much into it. My oldest is turning 4 on Sunday, next one will be 2 feb 2 and then my last was late September. I really was NOT wanting another one at all, much less so pleeeeeeeeeeeease put my mind at ease!
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