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Diapy Blessing Destash

The Lord has blessed my family in the past two months, so we're passing it on!

You don't have to be in need, but please don't post if you're just looking to hoard more diapers.

WIll ask for $8 to help cover S&H.

DIapy Destash:

~ OS Sassycloth (WAHM) in blue farm animal. VGUC. Tons of life left, but is pilly and has shadow staining. Snaps.
~ Homemade, slightly lop-sided wool cover. S/M. Creamy with dark brown piping.
~ OS Bluberry in citrus circle. Older print, I believe, but still in VGUC. Snaps.
~ Medium, 2.0 BG AIO. Some barely-there stains. Lots of life left in the diaper. Co5nverted from aplix to snaps.
~ OS BG 3.0 or 4.0 in a light, light blue. Bought second-hand, and it's quite stained, but very lightly. Aplix. Tons of life left, but could use some sunning I think.
~ Anything else, probably another diaper or two, that needs to be destashed that I can't recall at this moment. Probably a well-used Bummis cover.

Apologies for a lack of photos and good typing skills. I swear it's the computer, not me. My hubby says otherwise. :/


WInner chosen next week some time.

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