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Re: Need to decompress a little

Well he had his reassessment yesterday and was picked up off the wait list by both the SLP and OT for Early Intervention.

I am so happy. The SLP confirmed he is only just at the 6 month level and the OT said he is around the same 6-7 month level physically.

The SLP also wants him to have a hearing test as she is concerned about his hearing and possible hearing loss. It's funny because he had a hearing test in the NICU and she said they should have suggested a follow up of it but I think it got lost in the shuffle when he was in the PICU for a month in the summer. So we will follow up on that.

All in all I'm just happy he is off the wait list and will be getting the services and that my husband and I will also get some tools to work with him since they will have courses available for us etc.
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