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Re: Anyone ever used a Milkies milk saver?

I have one. I don't use it anymore, as I really don't leak on the non nursing side now that my nursling is older, but when she was younger I'd get 0.5-1oz per feeding on the non-nursing side, but I only nurse on one side at a time anyway. By the end of a day of feeds I'd easily have 4oz for a bag to put in the freezer or just have for a feeding that DH could feed her. That's literally how I built a 2-3 day emergency stash in case I got sick or something (prone to migraines). Now if I have to pull one out so I can go out, I have to pump when I get home to replace it, but the milk saver was awesome for the first few months.

And people thought I was exaggerating when I said I could blow through any cloth nursing pad. Even some of the disposable ones were no match for my leakage!
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