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Re: When to wean

I believe the WHO's recommendations run that you should exclusively nurse until ~6 months, nurse as a primary source of nutrition (as in, introduce solids, but keep them more as play/experimentation) until a year, and then over the course of the second year shift the balance between solids and nursing until solids are the primary source of nutrition and nursing is a suppliment by their second birthday. Then after that to wean when mom and baby are ready.

For me personally, I'm hoping ot keep up our nursing relationship until I go back to work in March - she'll be 11 months. After that, because my hours are kind of erratic, we'll see how things go. We'll probably at least partially wean at that point. My work is ideal for pumping, as I'm largely alone and can do most of my work seated and with one hand so I can keep that up for a while.
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