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Re: Please help me keep going...

Thanks everyone! I am definitely considering pumping until I heal up. It makes me feel better to hear that others have done the same. I think my supply is okay, when the Lactation consultant weighs her after feeding she is getting one ounce. I don't think she has a tongue or lip tie... basically what happened was that I was given poor instructions on breastfeeding and told that pain was normal. In a few days my nipples were ruined and I can't seem to get them healed. I should have trusted my gut which was that I wasn't latching right rather than listening to others.

I think her latch is pretty good now that I have worked with a LC. She still pinches so its not perfect but it doesn't feel like hot knives and my nipples haven't gotten worse. I am going to take fenugreek to help my supply and I am pumping after every feed and supplementing her around an ounce every day. I am hoping to increase my supply before trying to exclusively pump. I do have an electric pump and my baby is still super young; only 13 days old.

I appreciate all of the advice. I think Ill give LLL a call. I've already talked to them a few times but I don't think it would hurt to talk to them again. I feel so frustrated and done with nursing.
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