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Originally Posted by strongwoman

Totally normal for them to do this. Undies provide privacy, which they are used to when wearing diapers. And undies kind of feel like dipes, since it is close to the skin. Might want to try loose long cotton pants, that way the pee and poop runs down the legs and feels icky. Looks like a disaster at first but it will get better! Keep going, eventually he will get it. I take my LO every 45 mins. to an hour. TELL him, DON'T ASK him. LO's almost always say "no" to the "do you need to go?" question. Be firm and bring the toy he is playing with so that he doesn't feel like you are totally pulling him away from the activity.
I tried loose pants today - great suggestion! Only one accident so far. After that he took himself as needed. Thankfully he does not have poop accidents at all, because yeah that sounds gross lol.

I still struggle with "making" him use the potty at frequent intervals though. He's almost four, so he's kind of past the age of being forced to do something he doesn't want to. When you add in that his preschool teacher has asked us to start working on him with standing to pee, it gets even more complicated. Tomorrow he's back in pull-ups for school, but when he gets home I'm pulling out the sweatpants again.
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