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Originally Posted by Christylkeller
I know PPs have mention placenta placement, which is something that I have considered, but what about a cord issue? Either VERY short or wrapped around his body so much that he simply can't get stretched out? Would an u/s be able to show if there was that sort of problem? I am not a HUGE worrier generally, however, this lack of ANY movement on one whole side just seems odd.
This is something that I think of. Mostly cause DD was always head down, don't move much and her head was near her placenta. Oh and had a cord wrapped around her.

Yes, they can see this on ultrasounds. I have an ultrasound in a couple weeks because they think this baby is cord wrapped around the neck as well. Which is not disturbing overall since they don't breathe through their neck, but could affect the ability of my baby to turn from being breech.
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